Brackbill Wiki

Paradise, Pa.
Sept. 11, 1936

Dear Jane,

I haven't seen or heard from you so long I almost forgot such a person existed. "Sally" Staufer said you are going to go to Business College.

What have you been doing to pass the time? I am still on the job at the Willows. I don't suppose it will last much longer than Oct. 1st.

I think (If I ever get the money) I go to Dr. Simmons' hospital for an operation the first or second week in Oct. I must have a (non) wisdom tooth out out. I will be under ether for a little over an hour. He said maybe all four are like this one. I had an x-ray taken of it.

How have you been? Don't you wish you could go back to P.H.S.? I do. I cried on Tues. morning when I saw the kids go past to school.

Ellen quit work. She goes in training around the 20th. Some Monday night when your father comes to Lions Club meeting why don't you come along and see me.

Many tanks for that picture you sent me. Did I pay you for it. If not I will.

I answered an ad to get work in N.Y. City and I got it. I am not going though. I'm afraid I'll get homesick.

I got a letter from Carolyn and she is taking an evening course at L.B.C. She is working at the Christiana Silk Mill. Helen Caulder is also taking a night school course there.

Won't we have fun at Marysville this winter? Ha, ha. If you can read this letter please answer it. If not write anyway. I am using my knees for a desk. Hoping to hear from you soon and hoping you have a nice time at L.B.C.

Love and best wishes