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Main barn on the Brackbill farm

The Brackbill farm is situated near the old Hershey church near Kinzers and east of Intercourse. It was the home of Harry G. Brackbill, Esta Leona Leaman and their family, and remains in the Brackbill family to this day.

The farmhouse building bears a plaque above the porch that faces the Pequea Creek that states it was built by Abraham Hershey and his wife Barbara in 1867.

Physical features[]

The Brackbill Farm is accessible from the Hershey Church road and stretches to the Pequea Creek. It is bordered by farms on either side.

The Brackbill house, a large brick house with three independent living units, sits just off the main entry road, adjoined by barns and other outbuildings. Between the house and the creek is a cornfield; cattle have historically grazed in the fields adjoining the river. The creek has been used for swimming and boating as well as a water source.

The land along the creek, called Brackbill's Meadow, was used for Brackbill reunions since at least 1939 and probably earlier to the present day.

At the time of Herman's bachelorhood there was a substantial chicken coop on the property, for which he was responsible.

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