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Sunday, July 7, 1957

The meeting of the Eleventh Annual Brackbill Reunion held Sunday July 7, 1957 in the Paradise Community Park, was opened by singing "America". The devotions were in charge of Herman Brackbill.

The president, Rev. Moses Brackbill was in charge of the meeting and gave the address of welcome.

We were entertained with special music by the twin daughters of Lester Denlinger.

The Historian, Martin Brackbill, Jr. gave a brief resume of the history of the Brackbill Family. He read the will of Ulrich Brackbill who divided his belongings among his eight children.

Benjamin R. Brackbill was in charge of a memorial service for the following: Mrs. Harry C. Breckbill, Strasburg; Landis D. Brackbill, Gap; Silas W. Eby, Lancaster; and Mrs. Bertha M. Miller, Lititz.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read by the secretary and approved as read.

The treasurer's report was given by Walter Denlinger and an offering was taken which amounted to $38.44.

The new officers which were nominated by the committee and duly elected are as follows:

The speaker of the day was Mr. William Fenninger who gave us a talk on "The Christian Family - Safeguard of America." He also gave us some additional history of the Brackbill Family.

There were 105 persons registered.

The meeting was adjourned by singing "Blest Be the Tide That Binds". Most of the group remained to eat their picnic lunches and to fellowship together.

Respectfully submitted,
Doris Brown
Recording Secretary

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