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Harry and Esta

Harry and Esta Brackbill, scan courtesy Esta Jarrett

Esta Leona Leaman (Mar 3, 1887 - Jun 1, 1987)[1] was the wife of Harry G. Brackbill. She was the daughter of Jacob B. Leaman and Anna Barbara Hershey.

Harry and Esta's children were Reba Leona Leaman, Elam Herman Brackbill, Florence Betty Brackbill, Harry G. Brackbill Jr., Grace Eleanor Brackbill, Eunice Viola Brackbill, Christian Harold Brackbill, Hershey Leaman Brackbill, Herbert Brackbill, Doris Elaine Brackbill, Jacob Clarence Brackbill, Warren Harding Brackbill and Janice Marie Brackbill.

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