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Everyone was up much earlier than usual this morning to launch the preparation for a great day.

We went to S.S. & Church as usual. At noontime there was a great picnic here in our house. Uncle Hershey's visit from Chicago was the occasion for celebration. All the family, Grandma's, was here, except Clayton.

We foolishly had a big soft ball game in the afternoon. Supper was also a picnic.

I "pretended" to sing a solo at C.E. and we all nearly sang solo at Church for there were only 19 there. I didn't make out so hot with my date. Just slept & then didn't rest well. --P.S. see over

Last minute mention of one of yesterday's events. Jane & I asked the preacher to officiate at our wedding. He & Mrs. gave us some advice and stuff to read.

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