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First draft[]

6 below zero.
Not busy at mill
John away in P.M.
Sara Uhler here after supper
Mom, Dad & kids came up & stayed & visited a while.
Still cold & getting colder.

Final draft[]

Happy New Year!

I hated to wake Harold this morning but he had wanted it so. I went back to work leaving the house to Jane & him.

It was bitter cold today -- 6 below zero.

We weren't busy at the mill and that was good. John was away in the afternoon.

After supper, Mother Y. & Dad & the kids came and stayed a little while. Sara Uhler also dropped in for a little to see our things and talk.

It was cold yet in the evening and getting colder.


We have seen clues before that Herman sometimes wrote journal entries well after the day in question. In this case, he actually took notes for the journal entry for the first week of January 1940 in the "Memoranda" section of the 1939 journal. The 1940 journal has fleshed out versions from these notes which are presented as the "final draft."

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