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I got up and hurried along down to the mill, for I knew that John was going to Harrisburg to the farm show. The boys were all seated around the fire waiting for action.

It was the coldest morning yet this winter, with some thermometer recording as low as 10° below.

We had plenty to do and got plenty done. The boys work together very well--really cooperate.

Dick came home with an order for flour Sat. and we were nearly out, so I went home for supper and came back to run the mill.

I had little trouble and was pretty busy on up till Mid-night, then I lay down on the table with my head on a bag of bran and slept a little. I had to keep one ear on the mill and not the other one. I went to sleep again about four and slept till a quarter of six.

Then I made and ate my own breakfast--fried eggs.

The boys all reported to work this morning except John.

Dick took me along to Philly to the bakery. We had a fine trip, got back about 4:30.

After supper I got my hair cut, visited Jane a very brief few minutes and so to bed (about 10:30)

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