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Up again and going again, it is not always late. This morning was a little bit cooler but you could sweat if you wanted to.

John twice told me not to go down stairs to help the boys, that they were not busy, but they didn't agree with him. Nevertheless, I managed to find plenty to do up in "my " three upper floors.

After a hurried supper, I went back to the mill again. Dick needed a load for tomorrow & that meant running till about one thirty. I had no visitors, save one customer.

Everything was going fine & I was reading when, almost midnight, swish, the mill slowed down & stopped, I jumped out of my site and flew to 'er rescue. The main drive belt had torn when it laced and I jumped to work and got them thar wheels a-turnin' again.

At 1:30 I shut down and by 2:00 I was home in bed.

We got up about 7:30 & after breakfast I took Jane to work and went to Shirks & got my car inspected.

After a swell dinner at Youngs, I went to the mill again & employed myself with the usual millers routine.

A Curtis Publishing employee was here. After supper we went to S.S. teacher's & officer's meeting. We had C.E. board meeting with no large turnout.

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