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I guess our warm weather is here once and for all. It was hot when we got up and hotter still toward the middle of the afternoon.

We were pretty busy at work. It's harvest time & they are starting to cut wheat.

(Jane took the family over to Aunt Sheaffers to pick raspberries. They got some nice ones.) (Tomorrow July 10.

About nine oclock P.M. Sam Barrage called & wanted us to come down & upright his thresher. Bill & I went. Mr. Young wasn't home. We had fun & got back about 12:30 & Nancy was staying over night. (Hair cut.)


The entry for July 9 was apparently written in a hurry and features a great many parentheticals and marginal notes. It's unclear whether Sam Barrage's thresher accident happenened on the 9th or the 10th due to the placement of the note.

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