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I was first at the mill today and it made me feel good.

We were real busy, selling out seed potatoes etc. The trucks were going all the time and Allen & I worked our heads off, almost.

By evening, the grippe had almost caught up with me and I was feeling bad. However, with the aide of the boys, I caught & sold fifty more of my chickens, leaving only eleven to keep.

We were late for choir practice but had a good practice any way. Jane & I enjoyed our date, not having seen each other since Sunday. I was afraid I might be sick this morning when I awoke, but I wasn't. I felt real good. But as the day grew older, I felt worse. It was a rainy day but fortunately, we were not too busy. I spent a good bit of time in the office in the warm.

Florence, Ross & the kiddies were here for supper. After supper, Harry & I took Jane to a big choir practice. Harry went to scout.

Afterwards we went down to Sweigarts, Gap, and bought a piano, which Jane will, to my regret, have to pay for.

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