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Laziness in my veins kept me in bed overtime again but no apparent harm was done. The weather was simply adorable, rather May like in its influences. But then, why shouldn't it be?

We certainly found plenty to do at the mill, yea, really had our hands full.

Directly after work I went to Youngs and had supper. Then Jane & I planted potatoes till dark.

Then I went back to the mill and "kept shop." I had a goodly number of company. Red, Eddie, Dick & his pals, Morris & Clyde were among my guests. Ginger ale was served. As the 5th went out I was (over)

probably packing flour.

About 2:15, the gang left and I got down to some good solid reading.

By 4:30 there was enough flour for Phila. load & so I headed for home & bed. Daylight was breaking & some farmers were arising.

About 8:00 am I again got ready for the mill. We were busy again & to further complicate matters, the mill, literally "fell apart." This necessitated my postponing a trip to Lancaster in favor of repairing.

Jane & I made more garden from 3:30 to supper. After supper I played with tractors, finally came home about nine & wil bathe & retire promptly, I hope.

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