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E. Herman Brackbill was a car aficianado his whole life, spending months looking at new models before purchasing one and subscribing to Car & Driver until his last year. This article lists and describes a few of the cars he drove.

1938 Oldsmobile[]


The 1938 Oldsmobile that Herman bought on September 17, 1940 (after dreaming about 1940 Buicks for months) was the first car that he bought as a married man. There's not much information about the 1938 model available, but generally Oldsmobile was incorporating the beginnings of automatic transmission technology during these years (they would introduce the first fully automatic transmission in 1940).

A 1938 print ad for Oldsmobile is archived on the Outright Oldsmobile fan site; photos of still-existing 1938 cars (mostly hot rods) are online as well, as is the brochure for the model year.

198x Audi 4000[]

In the last few years before he retired, Herman bought his only imported car, an early 1980s Audi 4000.