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Leacock Presbyterian Church

Leacock Presbyterian Church, located in Paradise in Lancaster County, became the church home of the Brackbill family after Harry G. Brackbill and Esta Leona Leaman left the Mennonite church. The Brackbills were active in youth choir at the time of Herman's journals, as well as the orchestra, the guild, and of course Christian Endeavor.

The Paradise site was the second location of Leacock. The original church, founded in 1724 and built between 1740 (original log church) and 1750 (current stone church), is located on Route 340 west of Intercourse.

E. Herman Brackbill and Jane Young are buried in the cemetery at Leacock in Paradise alongside other family members.

The cemetery at Old Leacock has one famous denizen, US Representative James Whitehill.

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