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To the Consumer: You have signed the original, please read this copy.
City: Gap
Date: Sept. 21

Upon my honor, I hereby certify that my household consists of 2 persons, and that I desire to purchase 1 pounds of sugar per week upon the express understanding that there will not be used in my household more than two (2) pounds of sugar per person per month, and that in return for this service of being permitted to purchase one week’s supply at a time, I will purchase sugar only from the dealer with whom this is placed; that if I desire to change dealers, it is understood this statement is to be returned to me and by me deposited with a new dealer.

I agree not to hoard sugar, and except for canning purposes of which my supply at present is not (illegible) than twenty-five (25) pounds, I have not now and will not at any time have in my house or under my control more than a week’s supply of sugar, based on a consumption of one-half of a pound per person per week, except on special permission of the County Food Administrator. I agree to continue on this plan until the Food Administration advises that the sugar situation has been relieved. And further, I agree to make my sugar purchases from one store.

Peter Young

J. R. HESS (stamp)

All persons who will not sign the foregoing agreement are required to make sugar purchases according to regulations governing city or rural sales, or to obtain a sugar certificate from the County Food Administration.