Brackbill Wiki

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Department of Public Instruction
State Teachers College
Millersville, Pennsylvania

August 18, 1934

Mr. Elam Herman Brackbill

Dear Mr. Brackbill:

I am delighted to know you are a holder of a Normal Certificate to teach. If there is anything we can do to help you to secure a position do not hesitate to call on us. Should you not be fortunate enough to locate I would advise that you return and complete your work for the Bachelors Degree in Education, as Boards will soon be requiring that standard.

The summer session enrollment was five per cent better than last year, and the boarding student enrollment twenty five per cent better. Many favorable comments are made about the meals. An encouraging number of requests are coming to our office daily, by prospective students. We shall be glad to have the names of other prospective students if you will be kind enough to submit them.

We will be glad to have you call at any time.

Home Coming Day is November 3, 1934. See the big football game-Kutztown State Teachers College vs. Millersville State Teachers College.

Very sincerely,

Landis Tanger, President


Herman graduated at the age of 17 and was too young to teach legally in the state, so took a year on the farm before pursuing his teaching further.